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Mharisa Skevlanar, Redguard Dovahkiin by yh-sanitys-eclipse Mharisa Skevlanar, Redguard Dovahkiin by yh-sanitys-eclipse
Name - Mharisa Skevlanar
Sex and Race - Female Redguard
Age, Date and Place of Birth - 25 years old. 31st of Evening Star, 4E 176, Alik'r Desert; 26 years old
Birthsign - The Thief, whose charges are the Lover, the Shadow, and the Tower
Physical Traits - Five foot seven, average size and build. Dark blue eyes pre-vampirism, straight and short black hair. Tribal face tattoo (three-pointed star, cheek marks with triple dots).

Dragonborn / Dovahkiin. Sosdrogah (Blood Lord Hunter). Qahnaarin.
Thane of all Nine Holds
Harbinger of the Companions (Inactive)
Archmage of the College of Winterhold (Semi-inactive)
Listener of the Dark Brotherhood

Good Personality Traits:
Loyal to those she trusts, some sense of honor, creative, persistent, very intelligent, clever
Bad Personality Traits:
Vindictive, pessimistic, potential for cruelty, unsocial, somewhat paranoid, manipulative, has quite the temper when she actually does get pissed off, somewhat sensitive
Religion - None/Loosely considered a Daedric Worshipper (Molag Bal, Herma-Mora, Azura)
Political Alignment - Neither.
- The Companions (Inactive)
- College of Winterhold (Semi-Inactive)
- The Dark Brotherhood
- The Bards College
Occupation -

Weaponry - Daedric Bow with matching arrows (Golkest - Earth Tempest), Master Vampiric Sword and I'Hara Dagger (Klomaar and Sosnir - Sand Terror and Blood Hunt)
Apparel - Vampire Royal Armor, Vampire Boots, Hood and Gauntlets, Vampiric Amulet, Gold Clamps, Creolas and an Ebony Sapphire Ring
Favorite Schools of Magic - Alteration, Conjuration, and Destruction
Favorite Shouts - Fire Breath, Marked for Death, Soul Tear, Unrelenting Force
Place of Residence - Vlindrell Hall, Markarth
Enjoys - Music, reading, spending time with good friends, history
Dislikes - Skyrim's newfound isolationism and racism, Skyrim, THALMOR, thieves
Fears - Chaurus Hunters
Love Interest - Serana

She was born during Hammerfell's resistance of the Aldmeri Dominion in 4E 176 to a nomadic tribe of the Alik'r Desert. A troop of Thalmor caught the tribe between the cities of Sentinel and Skaven one night, and Mharisa's mother was struck but not killed by Thalmor magic. The ancient Selenu vampire clan was struggling to hold onto power, and so terrorized the nomadic tribes. They descended upon the Thalmor, saving the tribe. They demanded tribute in exchange, and so the clan leader was forced to promise Mharisa in her 25th year to the vampires. Mharisa's mother was marked by the Thalmor and the Selenu, and ended up dying before Mharisa could remember her. Her father died in the Thalmor/Selenu attack. Years later, she overhears the clan elders talking about the vampiric promise, prompting her flight to Skyrim and then years later her subsequent capture.


Mharisa is my character, and The Elder Scrolls / Skyrim are Bethesda's property. I'm just a fan showing off my characters, leave me alone.
yh-sanitys-eclipse Featured By Owner May 28, 2013
Those Tribunal gauntlets make her hands look huge =_= lol. Left screenshot is pre-Dawnguard, as she's about to go into Sovngarde. Right screenshot is pre-Dragonborn. The pupil-less-ness of the original Volkihar eyes bugged me, and I couldn't find any other good mods for that at the time so I have bright blue Underworld style vampire eyes.

Mharisa is my main character aka my typical "does everything well" battlemage. She can just as well kill you from across the room as dominate you in a magic battle, and sometimes she'll just charge in for the hell of it.
yh-sanitys-eclipse Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2013
Appearance changes! I found an awesome mod for earrings and clamps, and needed to change her hairstyle (along with the rest of my characters, lol). Here she's modeling the Telvanni Robes as a brand-new member of the House; perhaps I'll edit some other outfits into a single pic and update again. Also, maxing out each skill twice (once regularly, once again for a single Legendary mark) is a PITA starting around level 95 or so. You can max out a skill from like 90 or so, make it legendary and max it out AGAIN, and then MAYBE you'll level up again. Yeesh. lol
yh-sanitys-eclipse Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014
Corrupted saves blah. She's almost back up to the same level, just not story/faction-wise.
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